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Who is spiritual guide Alhadi Syed Shahadat Hussain.


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Sufi Meditation (Muraqaba)

Great Allah Rab-ul-Alamin started the continuity of Islam by Hazrat Adam (ASM) within formation & reformation through 1,24,000 prophets and finally established ‘Islam’ as the ‘ever-beneficial’ religion in the world by Hazrat Mohammad (SM). This religion has been established on 4 fundamental principles: Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat & Marifat. In order to follow these 4 principles, gaining knowledge of ‘Tasauf‘ is essential. Except ‘Tasauf’ religion is meaningless, incomplete & imperfect. It is necessary to know that from Hazrat Adam (ASM) to Hazrat Mohammad (SM), all prophets were engaged in culturing Tasauf. Prophet Hazrat Mohmmad (SM) did Meditation (Muraqaba) inside Hera Cave from his age of 25 till 40.

The main objectives of ‘Sufi-Meditation’ are; Truth-contemplation by self-contemplation, to know Allah by knowing thyself, complete surrender to Allah, to acquire self-knowledge, to know the Universe in own-self through identifying the phenomena(sign) of creator within body by revealing spiritual power, to get the connection of creator through connecting sentient soul with holy soul by reviving consciousness. Gaining all these are called ‘Tasauf and the process of gaining all these is called ‘Sufi-Meditation’.

Benefits of practicing Sufi-Meditation are; to be self-confident by enhancing faith & trust, it brings mental peace, sound health and mind control, Turn to holy soul from sentient soul by vanishing evil-virtues, to increase power of preventing disease and cure disease, brings concentration which is important for all sorts of prayers, to gain spiritual power, way to know thyself and surrender to Allah through any spiritually enlightened & purified person of the present community and Era.


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Sufi-Master Alhadi Syed Shahadat Hussain Say’s
Without Spirituality it is not possible to know Allah.
Without Spirituality belief (Iman) is an assumption
Without Spirituality religion is incomplete & imperfect.
Without Spirituality surrender to Allah is impossible.
Without Spirituality you can’t purify body, Soul & Mind.

Without Spirituality it is not possible to journey innerself to know thyself
Without Spirituality your all prayers are imperfect.
Without Spirituality you can’t concentrate your mind.
Without Spirituality You can’t understand Intuition (Farasat)
Without Spirituality human being is like animal.
Without Spirituality sentient soul can’t turn to holy soul
Without Spirituality nobody can vanish evil-virtues,
Without Spirituality haven is dream for unpurified person.
Without spirituality life is a wasted time.

Gaining Spiritual Knowledge (Tasauf) is obligatory for all human being.





















Perform Sufi Meditation And Explore Your Spiritual Power
Information: Every Month one batch helds in Dhaka.
Reemquirents: 2 photo & National ID Photocopy.
Total 4 Classes, Please Register your name as soon as possible.
Date of 37 Batch on 19, 20 & 21 April 2013 (3 pm to 8pm) in Dhaka.
Registration Fee 5000 for 37 Batch
Date of 38 Batch (One Day Session) on 1 May 2013 (9am to 6pm) Dhaka. Registration Fee 1000 for 38 Batch (80% free)
Speacial Offer: 9 am to 1pm (Sunday to Wednesday). For service holder: Friday Saturday. (continuous 2 Weeks).
Venue: Suchana community centre, Ring Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.
Helpline : 01199336947, 01931120459, 01713118381, 01966167719, 01967995610, 01839384253, 01554679117, 01775014300
Head Office: Tasauf Foundation, House # 24/18 (Ground Floor), Block- C, Tajmohal Road, Dhaka-1207.
(Open for both men and women.)



Tasauf Foundation Vision and Mission
Our vision: Surrender to Allah through a spiritually enlightened & purified Person of Allah, which will establish a world of peace, forgiveness, mercy, justice and love.
Our mission: Truth-contemplation by self-contemplation, to know Allah by knowing thyself. To preach the Tasauf Knowledge, the knowledge of the prophets and Saints.




























ALLAH say’s in Holy Quran “ Allah will show us his Signs in the Universe and in our own souls and body (Al-Quran 41:53). Surely there are many Signs of Allah on the earth and ownself for the assured believers, will you not realized then ? (Al-Quran 51:19-20). Those who rejected faith and disbelieved my signs will be Companions of Hell-fire. (Al-Quran 5:10). Those who disbelieved my Signs are deaf and dumb as in the midst of darkness. (Al-Quran 6:39).
Al-Hadi Syed Shahadat Hussain Say’s: As there are 14 bows (Prostration) in Al-quran, likewise there are 14 spiritual station in human body and side by side the name ‘ALLAH’ is written 14 times in our body, Even then will not you meditate? Though you have pearls & gems in your body, then why don’t you search pearls & gems in yourselves other than searching in the deep Atlantic Ocean?

Alhadi Syed Shahadat Hussain email:



"He it is who appointed the sun a splendor and the moon a light, and measured for her stages, that ye might know the number of the years, and the reckoning. Allah created not (all) that save in truth. He detaileth the revelations for people who have knowledge." (Al Quran Surah Yunus 10:5)


Lo! your Lord is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days, then mounted He the Throne. He covers the night with the day, which is in haste to follow it, and has made the sun and the moon and the stars subservient by His command. His verily is all creation and commandment; Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!" (Surah al-A'raaf 7:54)